Monday, February 19, 2018

Cendol Bakar Kuantan


The CNY holiday last week were super tight yet happening because our families got to gather all 11 of us. My sister’s and my brother’s family came all the way from Selangor to Kuantan to meet up. we got chances to eat at one table, mingle all around, chatting and laughed. Not forgotten, last week also got a lot of wedding invitations and aqiqah. My two friends were married on the same day but I couldn’t make it to their weddings and decided to go to Aqiqah in Rompin. 

Its been a long time since i went to Rompin, Rompin is a quite far from Kuantan which takes 2 hours and a half approximately. It was a long journey and half of the time we spent on the road. We left home about 10.30 am and we arrived there almost on 1pm. Then we ate, tahlil and marhaban for 3 hours. I was so pity for my dad because he had just returned from work, he worked on night shift the day before and the morning after we moved to Rompin. He can’t even get the enough sleep and he needs to drive since he is the only one who familiar with Rompin area.

After solat jamak we head back to Kuantan and we slept in the car except for my parents. So sorry I cannot tahan lah. On the way home, we stopped at Cendol Bakar located in Peramu Kuantan. For those who don’t know, Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor is a well-known cendol with many branches in Malaysia: Kuala Selangor, Port Dickson, Melaka and now they have just opened a new branch in Kuantan. 

So these are what we ate and drank:

Roti John Cheese : RM12 (oklah)
Ikan Celop Tepung : RM6/pcs (recommended)
Karipap: 0.80 sen/pcs (too pricey)
Sata : 0.50 sen/pcs (recommended)
Mi Kari : RM5 (a bit salty)
Cendol : RM2.50

i love ikan celop tepung

Not many people at the time we came and we got the seat easily. Here concept is self service, there are also other side dishes besides cendol such as sata, ikan celup tepong, karipap, mee kari and others 

roti john. ok but no so good

cendol :)

The service is quietly fast for cendol and foods, but it takes time for only plain water. The taste of cendol was refreshing and milk, we can feel the roasted gula Melaka. What we ordered is ordinary cendol, if you want something more common you can choose other types of cendol for example cendol mixed with nata de coco, durian, tapai, ice cream and others. Cendol durian for me is not that expensive because it only costs you around RM6 to RM7 unlike other stalls that may charge you more than RM10 but are not sure how much durian they put in.
oh ya, they also have a drive thru for those rushing

Caffe' Bene Kuantan


Me and my sister went to Jaya Grocer and accidentally saw a new cafe, Caffe Bene, i was informed by my sister that they had just open their new outlets in Kuantan City Mall last January. After we finished with our groceries shopping at Jaya Grocer, we straightly went upstairs and stepped into Caffe' Bene. Our first perception of this cafe, we knew that this franchise is from Korea because we can hear the Kpop songs playing in the cafe. The cafe is superb, the interior design is cool and the most important is the staffs were very helpful, and friendly.

I like the wall clocks and the bricks because it looks so vintage

CNY decorations, and avid reader can grab any books while waiting

the table set up is almost like a bar

These are their signature dish, Bene Pastry

Now they have new limited versions of Latte that called Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato. We tried this

Oh ya, fyi Caffe' Bene also has Gelato and Bingsu, since we never have experience eating Gelato so we took chances to try the Strawberry Gelato, coffees and cake. 

Purple Sweet Potato Latte : RM14.90
Misugaru Latte : RM12.70
Tiramisu Cake : RM14.50
Single Scoop Strawberry Gelato : RM7.40

Gelato and tiramisu

Tried out the strawberry gelato and Tiramisu. Strawberry Gelato tasted like yogurt plus icecream maybe, its good and kinda sour and thick. Speaking of gelato, it is different from the usual ice cream as it comes in a creamier texture with rich flavor of fresh milk. Gelato here is also priced individually according to the number of scoops you prefer. Tiramisu was not so good it doesnt taste like moist tiramisu, the texture is dry and not fudgy, but still ok to finish it.

Misugaru Latte and Purple Sweet Potato Latte

At first i wanted Blueberry Latte but it was out of stock so i opted to Misugaru Latte as the staff told me that Misugaru Latte is a Korean Multigrain Shaked, so why not just give it a try. Fortunately, the Misugaru Latte turned out good and it tasted like grounded multi grain with milk. My sister chose purple Sweet Potato Latte and it was very good and creamy. You should try this!

Here it practises a order-and-pay-first concept, where diners can pick their favourites from the menu displayed on the wall at the counterI really like the ambiance of this cafe, it feels cozy and got WIFI too.
Thanks for reading and Happy Chinese New Year :)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

RECIPES : Kuih Ketayap


Sebenarnya dah lama dah mak nak buat Kuih Ketayap memandangkan mak dah masak inti kelapa tu, tapi baru berkesempatan dapat buat semalam. Inti kelapa manis ini boleh buat banyak kuih antaranya ketayap, pau kelapa dan kuih tepung bungkus. Memang sedap dan pelbagai. Senang saja buat ketayap ini macam buat lempeng dan durian crepe tapi versi kulitnya lebih nipis dan lembut.

Bahan Bahan Inti:

1 biji kelapa (parut)
1 cawan gula merah (ikut manis masing2)
1 cawan air
1 helai daun pandan

Cara Cara

Didihkan air dalam kuali. Masukkan gula merah, garam dan daun pandan. Masak hingga gula larut dan agak pekat. Masukkan kelapa parut. Kacau sekali-sekala hingga airnya kering.

Bahan Bahan kulit ketayap:

2 cawan tepung gandum
5 atau lebih helai daun pandan
Secubit garam
1 cawan susu cair
2 biji telur

Cara Cara

1) Potong daun pandan kecik kecik, masukkan dalam blender serta air sikit dan blend. Tapis daun pandan tadi. Air daun pandan, tak berapa nak hijau sangat. Nak lebih hijau boleh masukkan pewarna hijau. Tapi kami tak masukkan pewarna sebab tak ada.

2) Dalam satu bekas, masukkan tepung gandum, garam, telur, susu cair dan air pandan tadi. Kacau sehingga larut dan tak likat.

3) Panaskan pan, sapu pan dengan butter untuk elakkan lekat. Tuang satu setengah senduk ke dalam pan, dan lenggangkan pan supaya acuan tadi nipis dan rata, bagi nampak bulat. Sekejap saja kulit tu masak tunggu sedikit garing baru angkat tak perlu nak terbalikkan, just masak bawah saja.

Kalau rasa kulit ketayap agak tebal, boleh tambah sikit air dalam acuan tadi.

4) Sambil sambil tunggu kulit ketayap sejuk, boleh gentel inti kelapa tadi biar berbentuk panjang senang sikit proses menggulung nanti.

5) Dah agak tak panas sangat, masukkan inti tadi dan gulung kemas kemas. Gulung macam popia, biar bahagian yang garing sikit diluar. Sebab bahagian garing tulah yang melambangkan kuih ketayap style. Tak macam durian crepe dan roti jala, durian crepe dan roti jala bahagian yang garing tu dibuat untuk dilipat ke dalam.

6) Kuih ketayap kena gulung time kulit dia masih panas supaya senang lekat.


Untuk acuan ni, dapatlah dalam 2 pinggan kuih ketayap

Memang puas hatilah makan kuih ketayap buat sendiri sebab lebih besar dan lebih banyak inti. Disebabkan besar, so kami potong supaya nampak lebih menarik

Thanks for reading. Inti kelapa tadi masih banyak berbaki dan boleh simpan untuk buat kuih lain pula.