Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sustainability Camp


Hari tu kami join program Sustainability Camp yang berlangsung di Dewan Senat UTM dari 21 hingga 22 september semalam.. since we all free on weekend, so better we fill it up with something benefit.. otherwise, it’s a free camp.. 8)

Our perception during our first step to the hall on Saturday morning, we said it was a great event with a great people and a great food.. don’t worrylah, there were no starving participant at this event because we were served with complete meal: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and tea time.. 

First day was filled with ice breaking, talk about what is MHB Knights of Nature by Mrs Yasmin Rashid.. . then, we were separated to 5 group which is each group has about 10 people with different background courses such as engineering, architecture, landscape, management and quantity surveying.. 

This camp is about Water Management, how to reduce water pollution and how to reduce water consumption.. then, every group have to design 12 month projects/ campaign with 1/ more components targeted at UTM community aimed at reducing water pollution/ water consumption with budgeting about RM1oo,ooo.. 

goodie bag

charity event

Every members in every group must throw out their ideas or suggestion and come out with one good solution.. that’s the useful for having a different courses in one group so that we can observe from variety opinion for example economic, enforcement, education and engineering..


my group Blue Blood

others group project

 clays toilet

We have to present our proposal using power point on Sunday morning and If we need a prop to describe our project physically, we can use a block of colourful clay to work with and share tools and make a some creative creations..

After finish with all group presentation, we were given certificate and closing ceremony and this event end up on 12 noon.. either me or other participants thinks that this camp is very benefit especially for youth to aware about water consumption not only for short term period but long term period as well in order to keep our earth from water pollution.. 

At the end of camp, we as participants realized that water is the foundation of life. We want to change mindsets and teach people from all walks of life about the importance of conserving water, all for a better life and a better future..
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Faariis said...

macam besh je camp ni. :)

Nur A.Z said...

bab reka dgn tanah liat tu yg best.. kreatif betul presentation..

Kesah Kami Jer said...

saya dah follow awak balik