Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pengalaman Interview


Here I am 0600am in the morning. I just wake up from the sleep and felt doesnt like to sleep again after a few trial to sleep, finally end up with switch on my laptop. I want to post an entry but did not have any topic to share with unless my interview that i attended. I have been gone through one of the educational college interview last month for Direct Sales Executive, which Marketing people called me for that interview session in mid of July. To be honest, i am not interested to attend the interview because i knew that mostly company are intend to hire a person in sales and marketing line which are not many people willing to do so. 

At first, the marketing executive (normally the HR) personnel asked me whether I am willing to involve in position that non related to my specialization in the phone conversation and I said: "Ya, I can try it~", only then I had been confirmed an interview later, hence I assumed that they will place me in the sales line position, and indeed I had stated position as any position (please dont mention this) in my application email. Its okay, i will treat this interview as my first interview to gain an experience.

When i reached the office, I was giving a form to fill up before the interview. I was interviewed by Marketing Executive himself. He is a friendly and for sure you can learn something from the interview. He also willing to answer my questions and it deepen my understanding on institution industry. The whole process took me about 30 minutes. Basically the questions are more to general, not technical question will be ask. 

During the interview, the exec asked me what field which I intended to work in, and I straightly told them non sales work although I assumed he planned to place me in the sales line, and following that the interview conversation is all about the soft knowledge on how to achieve a target and problem solving skill in sales marketing process, which they didn't even touch much on non sales matters. Direct Sales Executive will be pay around RM1.8k and others commisions gained.

Next, I have been asked about my varsity extra-curriculum activities and requested to elaborate on it as well. They also asked me the qualities that a promoter should possessed and how to manage a stress. And finally is some HR standard questions such as got own transport or not and else, after that my interview session ended and they decided to hire me immediately if i say yes but i declined the offer as well as i showed the blur expression to him obviously.


Frankly speaking, I personally did not feel that I performed very good in the interview because tak minat sales tapi gatai nak try, but indeed just ok only, and I expected the company are desperate to hire a worker that willing to work in sales position. Lets say if i accept the offer, but i fail to achieve the sales target in future because i know my ability and skill that not require me to work in this lines. Besides that,i dont have good criteria especially skill in persuading the customer which are an appropriate skill to a sales person.

Ok Thanks for Read. Those yang pandai bercakap bolehlah try ea


dorsett pink said...

good luck aite

akak dulu first time pergi interview, nervous giler.. and baju pun pakai baju ntah apa-apa

IQ = Iez Qis said...

yup, if just accept peluang tu tanpa kehendak diri sendiri memang kerja yang kita buat pun tak berkualiti...kan>

----- ----- said...

tajuk bahasa melayu sekali bahasa inggeris tk jadi nk baca...haha..maaf..

Attiey said...

takpe, tak rugi cuba kan..pnglmn interview