Friday, September 4, 2015

MALACCA : Melaka River Night Cruise


After we've been to Klebang and Dataran 1 Malaysia, finally we heading back to our homestay to take a rest and on 10 pm we decided to stroll at Malacca River by night river cruise. To go to jetty, we need to park at Dataran Pahlawan and it took around 10 minutes for us by walking to the jetty. The cruises operates every day from 9.00am till 11.30pm. We can board the boat at Muara Jetty or Taman Rempah Jetty. We took ours from the Taman Rempah Jetty which next to the Hang Jebat Bridge. 

Ticket counter

The fare is RM15.90 per pax, we then board the boat for about 9km ride which took us about 45 minutes journey. There are nicely lighted pathway along the riverside and accompany with the Britsh Era colonial buildings.

10 of us

The boat passed by a few bridges such as Hang Tuah Bridge, Market Bridge, and others that really look nice during the night. That was the most colourful bridge I ever seen in Malaysia!

can u tell which one the eye of Malacca???

Follow by many murals painted on the colonial buildings and reached the Popular Hard Rock Cafe, hotel and dining room. Fyi, we were the last passenger before the cruise off, luckily we managed to ride it on. =)

Beautiful and attractive murals nicely painted on the wall

It was just a plain river cruise and we tried our best to avoid the water splashes as it smells badly. Along the journey, we were served with an audio playback explaining every single thing about the river and Melaka specifically. We passed through Kampung Morten, Eye on Melaka, Melaka Port, warehouses, trading house and etc. Oh ya, we were provided by a goodie bag for each one and it consist an orange cookies and keychain.

At the end, the boat made a U-turn near the Muara pick-up point and headed back to where we board. For me, i prefer to have day view because i love to see and capture the moment clearly since i dont have a good camera phone. lol. Thats how we end our days at Malacca before we turned back to Kuantan the day after. There are no picture of us as im afraid to take out phone on the boat.

OK Thanks for read. Pardon my quick and rushing post (this is 2am post)


lia ummiirfan said...

river cruise ni syok naik memalam sebab banyak lampu cantik-cantik boleh tengok sepanjang sungai melaka. bestt

Kesan pengambilan set untuk hamil

nur anis said...

best naik river cruise ni.. tapi air busuk..huhu

anakHajiMuaai said...

great experience.. tapi part air busuk tu aku agree.. haha