Friday, September 18, 2015

Pengalaman Interview II


Hye Im here in front of my laptop while family's member having their supper. As always, the post that im gonna write about created when i dont have any idea to post about. Last month, I have been gone through one of the influential bank for Management trainee position, which Acquisition and Placement people called me for that interview session in mid of August. To be honest, i am really want to try my luck instead i knew that mostly banking industries are intend to hire a fresh graduate in sales and credit line which are not many people willing to do so. 

At first, the Acquisition and Placement personnel called me regarding my MUET band, english and mathematics SPM grade and my university pointer as well. Oh ya, she also asked my identity card number for security, and whether I am willing to attend the interview that held at their HQ in KL. I said yes because the interview date is next week after she called me, so i have my times to prepares regarding the distance issue. Then, i did some research about the interview venue, nearest transportation and of course nearest LRT station as i went there by bus with my sister as my guardian.

When i reached the office, I was jaw dropping in term of big buildings, security system and their worker. At the counter we needed to pass the employment form that they provided in email before and we were given one form to fill relating our work preference. Masa datang tu, dah ramai interviewee lain menunggu. Nasib baik datang agak awal, so tak adalah habis lambat sangat.

During the interview, two ladies interviewers asked me what field which I intended to work in, and I straightly told them risk management although I assumed they planned to place me in the banking operation/front office, and following that the interview conversation is all about the technical knowledge, financial statement understanding and problem solving skill in market/liquidity risk, which is more to banking term that i never familiar before.

Next, I have been asked about what im doing while waiting for my graduation ceremony. They also asked me the qualities that a banking operation should possessed. And finally is some HR standard questions such as preference working location, got own transport or not and else, after that my interview session ended and they said will inform me within 2-3 weeks if I am shortlisted. Frankly speaking, I personally did not feel that I performed very good in the interview but indeed just ok only, and I expected the chance get shortlisted not that pretty high.

Actually, there are some feeling of ambiguity, doubtful and hesitation to work in banking industries due to interest (riba') term that mostly bank are running on it. I cant deny the fact that banking companies are hire their worker with high pay but for me blessing paid is the priority untuk mendapatkan keberkatan hidup. What I can say is, im so happy when i got an email saying that im one of the unsuccessful participant for that program. Walaupun terpaksa turun KL, at least i got an experience in dealing with two non malay ladies with their fluent english that sometime i had to ask them to repeat their question. Teruklah suruh orang ulang balik soalan, patutlah tak dapatkan, =) Tapi tetap juga ada rasa sedih tak dapat.

OK Thanks for read. Happy School Holiday ya


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