Thursday, May 7, 2015

APMAY's Birthday


Just want to say that I am grateful because I was given opportunity to undergo my industrial training at private sector and get some benefits but at the same time I feel so jealous compared to my friends that had intern at government sector due to PUBLIC DAY ISSUE. Pahang was entitled to have public day about 3 days in this week due to Wesak's day, Rompin's Election day and Hol's day. Yes that’s true the state government has declared May 5, 2015 a special holiday for Pahang in conjunction with the polling for the Rompin parliamentary by election. Unfortunately, my company team has decided that they are NOT observe 5th May, 2015 as a public holiday as well as Hol's day. Oh my heartbroken, I wish I only can work 2 times within this week. But never mind at least the road are not too jammed. 

Actually that’s not the point. The point is about CRAVING. Its been a while I eat secret recipe cake. I often waiting for another coming birthday because our family used to buy secret recipe for each one of our birthday. So the times was coming and I finally got to eat a secret recipe cake, thanks to my sister and my brother in laws, their birthday was fall on April and May and coincidentally they spent their off day at Kuantan. That night Alhamdulillah we got to eat cake as the side dishes and KFC Chicken Bucket, and Fried Kueyteow as the main dishes. Ok lets picture talk.

Chocolate Chip Walnut

For Along, Abang Cik and Kak Cik:

Sending your way,
Beautiful and heart felt wishes,
On this special occasion of your birthday!
May Allah always bless you. 
As this is your birthday,
I pray to Allah to fulfill every desire of yours,
And bless you with whatever you deserve!
Happy Birthday!

OK Thanks for read. APMAY's refer to April and May ;)

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