Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bedtime Routine


There are a few routine for me to do before i'm going to bed and these are compulsory i guess. U know girls have many rule and discipline that they need to follow in order to have inner and outer beauty. Cewahh. Back then, I have a list to almost everything (a habit). Shopping list, Wish list, Spiritual list, Books-to-read list, Movies-to-watch list, Running man and we got married-to-download list and the list goes on. But lately I was about to hit the sack when I suddenly remembered that I haven't done a few things. 


- Log Book Update
- Charging Laptop & Phone
- Forgive and Forget
- Outfit to wear list
- Skincare Routine


I cant wait to finish my internship 3 weeks more and of course i have to completed my log book and report before the deadline, 4th June. There is another 2 weeks to completely done these 2 things before road to graduation, insyAllah. Can you guys feel how struggle i was plus another task at my industrial placement. Recently, i've noticed that whenever i want to settle my report, there is coincidentally conjunction with my supervisor order. 


Before i sleep i will ensure that my notebook and phone are in full battery because i am so lazy to bring charger that will give greater load to me to carry it. The reason i bring notebook because my office computer have no internet access, so whenever i want to find a information, i can use my notebook instead using a phone. haha nak jimat battery katakan.


I learn that forgiving someone makes me feel better. Be able to forget it is the best feeling. It's not for the sake of those people you're forgiving but your own. Try it. Do it sincerely and you shall live in peace. Eventhough its really tough for me at the first because i am person who are strongly remember forever what others did to me. Kejam tak bunyi.. haha


A very organized person like me (kadang kadang) has this syndrome of listing things-to-do for the next day before sleep. I will plan and organize what outfit i will wear for tomorrow and put them at another place that easily for me to spot them. I have to admit that I skipped this one regularly but when I did it before I went off to bed, I felt ready the next day. In what way? In a way that I have goals to be achieved that day, wake up and feeling high-spirited (ecewah), feeling good crossing the dots every time dan tak payahlah nak terkejar kejar.


I started to stick with skincare routine during my secondary school because i used to have serious acne problem. Does'nt mean i am really care about my skin, but its about i am so lazy to pamper my skin, so the easy way i just make sure that i clean my skin and brush my teeth before sleep. I do not have any other skincare others than cleanser ONLY. It's really important, you know to sleep with your clean barefaced. 

OK Thanks for read. Pen Off

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Nur Raihanah said...

Skrg ni kalau nak tidur main tidur jaa. Tak rajin dah nak makan night cream semua. hahaa