Saturday, May 9, 2015

Her Farewell Lunch


The time was come to say goodbye to my trainee mates from Kuala Lumpur University. We look forward to hearing about her future achievements and successes. 6 May 2015, we had organized a small farewell party for her because she will leave the company soon. No no, already leave the company yesterday.We had this party during our lunch hour. After eating we have a short conversation together. Actually, not the party, but more to we had lunch together, spent time together and chat together. So we decided to choose SARA THAI KITCHEN BALOK as our witness of this farewell party.

This is my first time having a lunch at Sara Thai coz basically my family and i often eat at here for dinner. For farewell menu, we ordered Steam Cooked Fish, Som Tam, Omelette, and Tom Yam. The good about having lunch at here because we are the first customer and were served very well since there are less people come to eat here rather than night. SARA THAI have another branches at the town but there is hard to find a parking and a seat there, so preferably people go to Balok branch. SARA THAI was famous for customer who are craving to eat variety of seafood and ala carte are served as well.

The Entrance

The Dishes

The Ornamental Landscape

Sofiya (holding pink stripe paper bag)

Sofiya has served RP Chemical (M) about over 4 months and she has a better opportunity in other field. She served as a trainee one week early before me as a mechanical engineering trainee. She only 21 years old, younger than me, but look so mature, already have career as photographer and make up assistant and who knows that she also lived around my neighborhood. We all wish her all the best to her.

For Sofiya:

Well, it is indeed very sad that the time has come for us to depart and say goodbye. But, it is a universal fact that anything that begins has to end and that is the most painful part of our lives. We will surely miss you and the kindness you have shown to us so much and we will always keep them in our memories. Finally, let me end here by thanking you once again and we wish you all the best of luck and brighter future ahead. Let’s all pray and hope to meet again somewhere, somehow, some day.

OK Thanks for read. Have a nice weekend


Ahlam Miera Shafie said...

moga ur friend terus sukses! aminn

sedapnya nampak tomyam n som tam 2.. malam nih nk p cari som tam lah...lama xmkn.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

seronoknya berkumpul dengan kawan-kawan :-)