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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Converse Style Tips


The classic Chuck Taylor’s are a must have for every teen at some point in their life. There’s something so stylish and cool about it. Well nowadays, it’s not just for teens. It’s for grown ups too! Especially those who love doing outfit of the day photos and even well known street style icons use Converse shoes to achieve their effortless looks. How about we have a look at some style tips today? Because let’s face it, not everyone knows how to wear Converse!

1) Be a Sport Chic

Okay this one is SUPER CHIC. Look at how a woman even a woman of career can rock a pair of Converse! If you work in an environment where the dresscode is not so strict, this is a must try look. It will give you a stylish edge in the office and it’s more comfortable than a pair of heels! Besides, if you take off the jacket or blazer, it would be a great outfit to wear after work when you’re out to have dinner with your friends.

2) Be a Casual

Girls, you can wear Converse with maxi skirt or maxi dress too. It will give you a very laidback casual vibe. Since Converse shoes are sneakers, women like their outfits to be more feminine so they choose to pair it with maxi skirt or maxi dress. Actually, pair Converse with any skirt or dress will work fine too. So go have fun with styling Converse. 

Converse is unisex meaning it can be worn by both men and women! When men wear it, it looks just as awesome as when women wear it. For couples, achieve that well famous couple goals photo by wearing identical Converse designs and snap many photos with them on! You’ll be the most stylish couple and have nice photos to look back on it. Guys can style converse with denim or even black trousers. The options are endless.

Like what you see? Do you own a pair of Converse? Maybe you want one now! Tell me what you think.

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Seorang Syed said...

I've always wanted to buy one of the converse shoes. But the design is quite boring somehow (for me) and it doesn't really suit the price (because sometimes it's plain). However, I believe that the quality of the shoes is good. Would love to buy one in the near future.

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