Sunday, April 14, 2019

MiCasa Cafe by the River Kuantan


As some of my readers know that me and my sisters love to cafe hopping in Kuantan. Whenever if there are a new cafe just open, my sister, Kateh would find out first and share in our group. One of the new cafe that we went was MiCasa Cafe located literally next to Mega View hotel, erm i guess the cafe is owned by the hotel apparently. The best part of this cafe is the view is amazing because diners are facing the sea and it has cool, breezy environment.

love the greens


it has a mini stage at the left side :)

while waiting for our food, i can wandering around to take photo because nobody bothers me

another motion to do while waiting to be served

Finally here they are

Latte, Caramel Latte and Matcha Latte

We had our dishes as below:

Spaghetti Carbonara = Rm16
Seafood Risotto = Rm24
Chocolate Volcano = Rm15

Iced Matcha Latte = Rm15
Iced Latte = Rm14
Iced Caramel Latte = Rm17

it tastes good but a bit sour 

Kateh likes seafood so she decided to try Seafood Risotto without even realizes that risotto itself is a rice that cooked with broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. We didnt expect that nasi could be that kembang. Seafood Risotto to me is a worthy to try as it is savoury, seafood are all over the risotto, the more we dug deeper, the more seafood we found like clam, prawn, squid etc. The more i ate, the more i can taste the tomyam flavour a bit. Their coffee i personally think quite good but my sisters said otherwise lol ^-^ 

chocolate lava

For dessert, i recommend you all to try Chocolate Lava, topped with ice cream, waffle yet the bottom is a brownies. Serious sedap.

I succeed in capturing the boat along with the Kuantan landmark!!!

Service here is order, enjoy and pay. So after we had filling up our tummy, we went inside the cafe to pay and look around.

besides brownies they serve mango cheese cake as well

Some of the diners were celebrating birthday party and ya it looks great with the beautiful scenery back there

outside area also provided for smoker or big family

because the view is awesome and i dont want to be missed out
Thanks for reading. Pen Off :)


Insyirah A. said...

That looks lovely. Food and the view. Wish I can go there. But now, you make me feel hungry hahaha

Lynn Huraiza said...

dessert tu memang delicious arrr... next time ke kuantan boleh terjah... tq for sharing...

norhidana said...

hmmm alahai, sedapnya nengok segala dessert ngn menu tuh... tempatnya pun lawo, siap ada pokok kemboja tuh... sejuk mata memandang

Mime MF said...

Alamak..nampak sedap semuanya!!♡