Saturday, August 24, 2019

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Pearl


I am not a huge fan of milk tea except teh susu made by my sister, but lately i noticed that ive tasted a lot of brown sugar milk tea. This is because of i had been persuaded by my teammates to try it every day after we had our lunch and somehow i got tempted and tag along with them. I think they easily got cair with the Grabfood/Foodpanda promotion and we have to admit everything at our fingertips. Tup tup my bubble tea is already on my desk, then the day after we had gotten a skype to pay back. lol and dont worry the prices are slightly cheaper when we buy a lot.

So I am thinking to share my taste buds on Boba Tea with you all:

1) Chatime

I like this version of milk tea, every single ingredients not overpowering each other and the prices are affordable.

Level of sweetness : Nice
Pearls : Soft, chewy and they put together with sago pearls.
Prices : Rm7.50
Repeat : Yes

2) Gong Cha

Ive never heard of this brand, unfortunately this is gonna be last time i tried their beverages.

Level of sweetness : Too sweet
Pearls : Hard, chewy, overcooked
Prices : Rm8.50
Repeat : Never

3) Family Mart

Cant expect more as milk tea is not their speciality but kudos to them they take a risk to venture into it.

Level of sweetness : Too bland, milk overwhelmed the brown sugar taste
Pearls : Hard, overcooked yet chewy
Prices : Rm4.50
Repeat : Never

4) Regiustea

To be honest, this is not brown sugar tea but this one is Jasmine tea with yogurt pearls and cream cheese at the top. So you need to shake it so it will blend well. I really like the yogurt pearl because the moments the pearls enter your mouth, it will explode swiftly and you will taste the soury liquid.

Since this is out of range, so i wont give any feedback on it. haha

I like it tho

5) Tiger Sugar

Erm I have no idea why everyone is fond with this brand but my palate said otherwise. Seriously it tastes kinda like cendol.

Level of sweetness : Just nice
Pearls : Soft, chewy 
Prices : Rm12.50
Repeat : will ponder it

6) Black Ball

First time i tried and i like it with this brand but as you keep drink it you will taste the milk tea is a tad bitter.

Level of sweetness : Just nice
Pearls : Soft, chewy 
Prices : Rm8.50
Repeat : Sure

I will keep posting about Boba Pearl Tea on the next entry ya as i need to take a seconds to rethink about the taste sebab everything was jumbled up in my mind.
Thanks for reading. Pen off :)

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norhidana said...

terliur nengok segala pearl tea tuh... kadang tingin gk tp takde geng nk minum...