Monday, September 16, 2019

Bros Cafe Seremban 2

Happy Malaysia Day!!!

I would say this is our first weekend together as colleagues since Amir got hitched with Intan last Saturday and we all went to his wedding reception. His reception was held in Bahau, it took 2 hours drive from KL to Bahau. After we makan, took photo and lepaking around almost 2 hours, CS a Seremban Boy brought us to his favourite cafe which is Bros. Cafe located at Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2.

Tahniah Amir dan Intan

I could say it was very easy to find this cafe as you would see a huge 2 double storey grey color building among the shoplots. Bros Cafe stands for Brothers cafe serves you a variety of korean dessert and coffee. Btw CS is a hardcore korean fan thus you can tell why he chose this cafe. haha

I like the interior design with brick wall behinds and the best part was the cafe is not packed with people. So you can sipping your coffee calmly and enjoying every single moments with the current people you have.

outside seat

We chose 2nd floor to sit because we were many and we did not want to distract others as you know we were going to be noisy.

photo booth

All of us drank 3 types of drinks which were Watermelon Ice (Rm14), Hoji Latte Ice (Rm12) and Matcha MilkShake (Rm14).

Their watermelon ice was so refreshing and 100% juice, hoji latte tasted like roasted coffee and matcha milk shake with whipping cream on top was the best. Seriously tho the whipping cream had a similar taste with cheese. ^-^

Coffeeing with them

I would recommend you to drop by this cafe because the prices are cheap for great coffee if you compare to other coffee shop. No service charge nor tax charged based on the receipt.
Thanks for reading. Pen off :)


Sheila Arshad said...

boleh try ni next time kalau balik somban

norhidana said...

tempat nya menaarik... besar dan cantik...