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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Kedai Kopi Hipster di Kuantan


Hi!! If you are cafe-hopping kind of person, this post is dedicated to you and if you plan to visit Kuantan eateries, pls read my post till the end. More information about tempat makan sedap/best di Kuantan, boleh pergi ke "Kuantan Eateries" di side column blog ni. Ok kali ini nak suggest Kedai Kopi sedap dan hipster di Kuantan.

1) Tjantek Cafe

Tjantek memang cantek macam nama dia. Makanan sedap dan tempat penuh dengan art. If you cant live without aircond, this place is not for you as here the concept is windy + sunny due to the open seating and right beside the main street.

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here pls

46, Jalan Besar, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
Friday-Saturday (9am-11pm)
Sunday-Thursday (9am-10pm) Wed Closed
012-737 7866

2) 10 Gram Cafe

10 gram is the established cafe that has been all over the state and since last year this cafe is stationed in Kuantan. Nice place, great food and has wide of foods/drinks selection. Makanan kat sini sedap.

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here pls

B-2, Jalan Air Putih, Kampung Air Puteh, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
Monday-Sunday (11am-10pm)
09-560 5015

3) Roots by Kebun Kota

Of all the cafes, this cafe is my favorite in term of the concept and the atmosphere. If you are kind of earthy-person, this place suits you. No tissue/plant-based cafe/productive cafe/plenty of activities can do there because their goal is to be the center of the local community to meet, learn, apply knowledge and expertise.

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here pls

Jalan Air Putih 6, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
Monday-Sunday (9am-7pm)
09-565 4767

4) Coffee Millery

Coffee Millery is near to Megamall, I would say this cafe is a savior because last month we looked for a cafe during Raya Haji/public holiday unfortunately all regular cafes are closed but not this cafe.

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here pls

A-13, Ground Floor, Sri Dagangan 2, Lorong Tun Ismail 10, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
Monday-Sunday (830am-1230am)
016-321 6321

5) Coffee Gallery

Now i know why everyone keeps mentioning about this cafe, rupanya kopi dorang paling sedap dan terbaik. But the problem with this cafe location is it is a bit tough to get a parking as this cafe area has many others amazing diners/shops nearby there.

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here pls

Star City, A-17, Jalan Sri Kuantan 80, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang
Monday-Sunday (930am-12am)
013-333 3832

6) 90 Degrees Cafe & Art/Koko Cafe

This was my second time eating here, and many times for my sisters because they have a great food and nice coffee. Believe me i would not repeat the same bistro unless it is good haha. You can opt for many choices from Koko Cafe as well.

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here and here pls

882, Jalan Air Putih, Taman Imbi, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
Fri-Sun (10am-12am)
Mon-Thur (10am-11pm) Tues Closed
09-505 5905

7) Brew and Butter

This is a 2nd branch that we went located at Jalan Bukit Ubi, the first branch is at Swiss Garden Residences.  

Apa beza 2 branches ini??
Brew & Butter 1st branch serves cakes, pastries/coffees only and it is a small scale cafe.
Brew & Butter 2nd branch serves western foods, heavy meals, cakes, pastries/coffees and the cafe is vast.

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here and here pls

C840, Jalan Kenanga Off Jln Bukit Ubi, 
Perkampungan Bukit Ubi, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
Monday-Sunday (1130am-930pm)

S3-G-3A, Swiss Garden Resort Residences, 
Kampung Sungai Karang Pantai, 26100 Kuantan, Pahang
Monday-Sunday (1130am-930pm) Tues Closed
09-544 1003

I have reviewed other coffee shop in Kuantan in a previous post, please move your cursor to my side column blog and look for Kuantan Eateries.
Thank you for reading. Happy Merdeka!!!


Abam Kie said...

Sedapnya... Kalau ke Kuantan pasti akan pi ke restoran2 ni..

Syaz Rahim said...

ahah..balik Kuantan nanti bolehlah saya cuba :D

Web Ayas said...

Sedap sangat....

Balas kunjungan... :) :) :)


Miraa Hussin said...

Nyummy! Sedapnya

Ciktie said...

Sedapnya.. nyummy²

Aima said...

bestnya boleh cuba kalau ke kuantan