Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Best Japanese Restaurants


A few years back, i was a big spender when it comes to foods and somehow i could not believe how come i can spend about Rm30 for lunch every day without realizing i just started my career. But all the money spent were into something that i have never eaten such as japanese cuisine, one of them and today i would like to share with you all the Best Japanese Restaurant / Restoran Jepun Terbaik you can try on in the Klang Valley.

1) Sushi Zanmai

If you are into genuine "conveyor-belt Sushi", this place fits you because it serves the original taste, provides more than 100 assortments of sushi and 100 varieties of cooked food that are authentically Japanese. Here also has a raw materials selection and fret not, all the raw foods are excellent as Sushi Zanmai has more than 20 years experience.

Concept : Conveyor-belt sushi / Ala-Carte
Average Price : Rm30-40

Repeat? Love to
Review? Read here pls

2) Suki-Ya

If you give me  the option to choose between buffet and ala carte, i would rather choose buffet because i eat a lot and am a good eater. Sukiya is one of affordable Japanese buffets and the outlet is almost everywhere. Bear in mind due to the high demand, you need to book prior to eating. They have stacks of meat: mutton, beef, and chicken, i really enjoy cooking via steamboat and feeding my colleagues.

Concept : Buffet / Ala-Carte
Average Price : Rm35 (lunch) Rm42 (dinner)

Repeat? Love to
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3) Rakuzen

I dont want to put Rakuzen's food here as the reason of i want you to go there by yourself and see with your naked eye. Being of i love everything about Rakuzen be its cuisines, environment, architecture and interior design. We not only feel contained in their foods in fact we like to hang out here even for a long time.

Concept : Ala-Carte /  Lunch Set
Average Price : Rm40-60

Repeat? Need to earn more to eat here lol
Review? I have no review for this diner cause i have been here for a couple of times :)

4) Aoki Tei

Never heard of this japanese restaurant previously yet the foods are never disappointed surprisingly. If you are fond of sashimi, this place will never let you down, believe me. That was my first time ever eat sashimi and i like it though.

Concept : Buffet / Ala-Carte
Average Price : Rm68 (lunch) Rm88 (dinner)

Repeat? Whenever i feel wanting to indulge the foods
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5) Tao Authentic Asian

Tao Cuisine serves you variety of foods from Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, and other foreign or ethnic food. You can make up your mind if you want to bring in fussy friends who cannot decides what to eat. Unfortunately the only way to access to Tao is going to Penang as a result of they no longer have outlet in Klang Valley. If we sick of eating dozens of japanese foods, you can immediately switch to Chinese foods or local foods, Tao is the great place to give your tummy an explosive of foods.

Concept : Buffet / Ala-Carte
Average Price : Rm69 (lunch) Rm72 (dinner)

Repeat? Love to but jauh sangat
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6) Tokyo Kitchen

Tokyo Kitchen is the common Japanese Restaurant you can dine in anywhere and it always crowded with flocks of people. This place is affordable and we can enjoy our food at the same time feeling in Japan by cause of the ambiance is soooo kawaiii. Here famous with Saba and the saba is very good, saba is grilled mackerel.

Concept : Lunch Set / Ala-Carte
Average Price : Rm20-Rm40

Repeat? Yes
Review? Read here pls

7) Moriawase Bento

This restaurant very well known with Bento, bento is Japanese mangkuk tingkat style. You can find any type of foods serve in bento style. If you are rushing you can opt for this place to save you time.

Concept : Lunch Set / Ala-Carte
Average Price : Rm20-Rm40

Repeat? Maybe
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8) Empire Sushi

Empire Sushi suitable for the beginner of trying Japanese cuisines, you can opt any sushi you fancy with cheap price and this outlet is accessible in every corner. Just grab and eat without feeling guilty okay!!!

Concept : Sushi / Oden / Temaki / Gimbap
Average Price : Rm1-5 each

Repeat? Absolutely
Review? Read here pls

9) Sushi Mentai

I really afraid of conveyor belt sushi style because i know how i will react to this kind of restaurant. Normally when i go to this type of restaurant, i would prefer table far from the conveyor belt area for some reason i cant control my hand from picking up the plate with no hesitation.

Concept : Conveyor-belt sushi / Ala-Carte
Average Price : Rm30-40

Repeat? Definitely
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Thank you for reading, hopefully these lists can help my beloved reader to make up at selecting Japanese diner.


thes said...

i'm not a big fan of japanese food tapi sekali-sekala layankan jugak tekak ni

Syaz Rahim said...

tak berapa makan makanan jepun, tapi kalau ada orang belanja kat restoren ni semua, best jugak :P

IRDINA said...

dulu i suka makan sushi mentai. after i called sushi mentai ttg isu halal. Dorang cakap sushi yang mereka buat mempunyai arak. since that day, i dah tak makan situ.

afeezz said...

selalu masuk sushi king jer

acuyuhan said...

alamak irdina yeke.. thanks for highlighting that..